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    1. Alguém perguntou aonde anda Pepe Escobar. Eu acrescentaria pra quem encontra-lo pra perguntar pra ele aonde estão Echo & The Bunnymen, Gang of Four e Talking Heads…E aproveitaria pra falar pra ele que o Kiss está vindo pela QUINTA VEZ ao Brasil, com o mesmo sucesso de antes !!! Graças à Deus que não precisamos mais depender de pseudos jornalistas de musica que escrevem mal sobre o que não conhecem…

    2. Interesting news this morning, just as the 2009 MySQL Conference is starting. As is being reported all over the place, Oracle has agreed to buy Sun at $9.50 per share, giving them to a ton of great technology (Solaris, ZFS, MySQL, DTrace, etc.). One one of the biggest threats to Oracle’s core database business (at the low end, at least) for a while now has been MySQL. And now they’re poised to own MySQL after Sun bought it not long…

    3. Andrew:That book has long been on my list. I’ve had it in my library since college. I’ll be doing a podcast on this book. I can see it going a couple episodes at least. Ideally I would like to collaborate with Ray on this topic. I’ll have to talk to him about that. Rest assured. Barbara Tuchman’s book on Stilwell has been on my list of topics since day one.

    4. Simara disse:As vezes eu acho que está tudo perdido… sabia… Me trás um sofrimento tão enorme ouvir um “mas não fui eu que matei, então eu como mesmo” – que não consingo nem acreditar que realmente alguém consegue pensar dessa forma… Triste… muito triste…

    5. So glad to hear the problem has been found and dealt with. Good luck on helping him change his diet/lifestyle in whatever areas that applies! My FIL had a minor heart attack this year as well – revealing major blockage resulting in 2 stents. Thank God for those minor attacks!

    6. hi sir mera aur mere ghar walo ka sapna hai ke main kbc mein jau kyun ke hum jab b apka serial dekhte hai mere sare answers right hote hai tab mere ghar wale mere ko gali de kar kahete hai ghar bathe answers deta rehta hai ja khel ke aa meri request sunte huye mujhe ek mauka zarror dena please………….

    7. I totally agree! It always surprises me when people think that people are successful because they are lucky. We hear that a lot here in the UK (we attribute it to the ‘nanny state’ syndrome), and it really bugs us. We love the saying – luck is preparation meets opportunity – and preparation = unlimited hard work! All of you are so inspiring! x

    8. Daniel, sorry for misleading you. You’re completely right, the Reports section keeps to be the same. We mean that now in the time tracking tab of every project you can select the necessary information by several filters. We’ll consider your suggestion concerning reports, thanks for your comment.

    9. Kaitaa-Iivisniemi on haastava alue. Tulevan metron vuoksi alueelle kannattaa kaavoittaa tiiviisti, samalla pitäisi kuitenkin turvata Hannusmetsän hieno virkistysalue. Yleiskaavan mukaisesta viheralueesta tulee pitää kiinni, mutta sen lisäksi pitäisi asemakaavassa vahvistaa viheraluetta reunoiltaan.

    10. Siempre me atrajo hacer este tipo de guiso/asado y nunca me lancé Estoy segura de que esta tierniiiiisima y deliciosa, así que cuando vea una linda pieza de carne lo haré Te deseo unos dias lindos , que la pases muy bonita guapa Sonia:)Muchos besitos desde Babel:)

    11. Good God Walter – you just solved a problem that’s been driving me nuts for weeks. I’ve got an IO XT and a MacBook Pro that I’m using with Premiere. Sure enough collapsing all the windows into one gets rid of the dropped frames. Wow!Not really a long term solution. Hopefully Aja will get this working. Please let us know if you get things working with dual monitors. GREAT blog by the way!Bob Pierce

    12. As a Catholic, I have received no letter asking for help to save this religious house or to purchase the property for the use of Catholic education.Do they say still say the traditional Latin Mass there?They might try that.They should write letters to every Catholic college and university in the U.S.and look into broadcasting the Mass via radio, internet radio, or television.Obviously one of the canons should consider posting here as well.

    13. It may be safer for the ship itself to be at sea than in port, but investigators will determine whether it was safer for those crewmembers to be at sea during one of the most devastating hurricanes in decades. If the Coast Guard finds that the leadership of the HMS Bounty did not act in its crew’s best interest, they could face liability.

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    15. Obok GdaÅ„ska też jest Gdynia, która już praktycznie GdyniÄ… nie jest, tÄ… GdyniÄ… prawdziwÄ… i sÅ‚awnÄ… Tak masz racjÄ™ to jest ta ciemna strona, którÄ… wskazaÅ‚em, co nie oznacza (tym bardziej) że należy odpuszczaćZ caÅ‚Ä… determinacjÄ… musimy szukać jakiegoÅ› dna, o które można siÄ™ odbićPZDR 🙂

    16. Tego filmiku nie widziaÅ‚em… ale gdybym go zobaczyÅ‚ te 10 lat temu to pewnie moje podniecenie by wyglÄ…daÅ‚o tak: ‘JAAAA TRÓJWYMIAROWI PRZECIWNICY!!!! ŁAAAAAŁ”:D Jakby DNF wypuÅ›cili z takÄ… grafikÄ… jak jest na tym filmiku z ’98… to bym go kupiÅ‚, bo bardzo przypomina oryginaÅ‚ i z Å‚ezkÄ… w oku mógÅ‚bym go przechodzić X razy

    17. Regarding the Boulder bomber, I remember my mom ordered my Supermobile from a form on Peter Pan Peanut Butter (it’s an odd thing to remember, I know) and it came in the same box as the retail. This is of course by no means something that would be standardized in any way for other offers, but whatever.

    18. Te ha faltado decir que hoy, en la misa que se pensaba dar en San José, se ha producido la protesta del resto de mineros pues la empresa los ha dejado en la calle y sin finiquito. Cuando se produjo el derrumbe la empresa cerró y si te vi…… Son 300, y no van a cobrar exclusivas como sus compañeros.No ha sido, pues, una fiesta como se esperaba. Las noticias nocturnas de La 1 se han hecho eco de esto con un buen reportaje.Salud y República.

    19. Rob – Excellent point! I notice that most, if not all, of the GOP presidential candidates want to see the financial protection policies repealed. I will say that the economic crisis in our country caused me to change my behavior re: credit cards. I used to have tons of them. Now I just have one.

    20. Kuuntelin tämän viime kesänä äänikirjana (ja kirjoitin äänikirjakokemuksesta blogiini). En tiedä, johtuiko formaatista tai mistä, mutta en innostunut tästä kirjasta. Ja samoin kuin sinä, minäkin olen jalat maassa-tyyppiä. Hauskoja kohtauksia oli toki paljonkin.Minä olen lukenut yhden oikeasti hyvän Kinsellan kirjan, Varsinaisen talousihmeen. Se nauratti ja sen ironiakin osui.

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    24. 119 Posted by 65 on 11July 11, 2012 at 1c10:08 pm 40 394Hey Donna,NEVER before I seen what is happening here with you and your last post… I subscribed to receive comments done here… and WOWWWWWWW so many.. I just had to coem back and congratulate you once more and associate with you to travel to that wonderful place of HARMONY within.. when I truly believe is God…Make the best of your loving, caring and compassionate heart and where it takes you…Nick recently posted..

    25. Many of your answers would have also applied to me — the cooler weather is a nice break from summer heat (and with no horrible winter, there's no cold to dread), I also don't wear shoes in the house, I will miss summer's fruits and veggies, and I need to remember that I love pumpkin seeds — thanks for the reminder! My Chinese language tutor is actually from Taiwan, so I'm learning some fun differences between Taiwanese and Mandarin. Looking forward to reading more of your blog!

    26. So glad I heard about this through Marathon Mommies! I am new to running (started in January) and have now done a couple of 5k and a TRI in July. So I love having sites to visit to get tips and encouragement. I need them!And those shorts look amazing! It's been 105+ here for the last five days and I could use some breeze!I checked Pearl Izumi's site and find it easy to use. I like the menu style and LOVE their TRI wear – esp. the TRI Richter Race top. Saweet!

    27. Before the picture loaded, I thought it might be the Soda Pull-Tabs Outfit Guy. Have you seen him? His whole outfit is covered in the pull tabs from soda cans. He spends most of his time at Union Square and Astor Place though. Sometimes he plays with basketballs and sometimes he wears a huge paper flower hat. This guy, on the other hand, wouldn’t surprise me on a runway. Unique for sure.

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    29. agree, just a minor correction: "… rather akin to the Holy Roman Empire after Charlamagne's death".Actually the German Kingdom and, hence the HRE (its projection into Italy and Burgundy), was a very solid state and probably the main European power until the death of Frederick II in the 13th century. Otherwise your comparison surely applies to a large extent.

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    31. Szeretném megkérdezni, h mit rontottam el, ha az egyhetes megtekintéskor fehér penészvirágokkal találtam rá? Technológiai hiba, vagy csak nem volt elég száraz a tárolóhely?És mi lenne eléggé száraz vajon? Ötlettelen (szárazságilag) és szomorú vagyok, úgy vártam…

    32. Rating this is the 2nd pair of the Adidas supernova’s that I have bought in the past several months… used to run with montrail hardrocks, but needed more of an easyGOING shoe – more cushioning, etc – for running on a treadmill in the gym… The superNova’s did the trick… Nice feel and great price… Only negative was that they seemed to have a cheap construction when I first tried them, but they are holding up pretty good despite their cheap feel… would highly recommend the shoe…

    33. Really need to get this album… I’m getting very into recent springsteen… your right about “born in the use” by the way… now I have listened to it with older ears, it is a totally different record.. it now seems to have a bitter edge which it never seemed to have before. Tunnel of love is superb (then and now) in case you haven’t heard it by the way.

    34. I am pleased to be in receipt of another invitation to one of my “adopted” kid’s 21st birthday celebrations. This one is the female half of a couple that had lived here temporarily a few times over the last few years, and it will be held at their new apartment (Yea! Fiscal responsibility!) She’s doing the cooking, and I can’t wait. I’m not saying that the only reason I helped them out was that she could cook and he could clean… But it sure didn’t hurt!They simultaneously make me feel young, and old.

    35. I learned a long time ago that giving myself away was a sure path to exhaustion and resentment, so these days I only work when I get paid. I like writing about therapy but I don’t answer questions from readers about their issues and problems. I am glad to see you have drives at this same point. I think you will enjoy it all a lot more. Have fun!

    36. My wife noticed the camera shot from inside the house also. Many people recognize Kate as she was a bartender at Ruby Tuesdays in the Lebanon/Lancaster area. You will also see that she got a dwi in Florida, because she had a drivers license, because she has been driving for years. You wiull laso notice her accent, not very PA Dutch, but we knew her and she was a very nice girl, stuck in the wrong world.

    37. “Fatigued” means to weaken but not necessarily broken yet, and “fractured” is the end result of breaking with no inherent reference to how it got there.“Tempered” is kind of odd in that it refers to both: to strengthen through the process of weakening first. It’s a pretty neat word to hold so much meaning.Oddly, too, it can mean to soften, as well. Such as to “temper your temper”. But totally not what I’m looking for, as along the lines of trying somebody’s patience.Driving my batty.

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    41. what an interesting concept, audi! i now feel completely validated in the boredome I feel at times when I feel like I'm wearing the same thing all the time. to counter this I've experimented with taking things that seem much more warm-weather-like, and layering under and over them to keep myself warm. today I told the weather to fuck off and didn't bring a coat to work. regretting that decision now! thankfully I did bring a cashmere scarf just in case 🙂

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    43. Tusen takk 🙂 sÃ¥ urolig gøy m ski renn . Fantastisk opplevelse for barna og foreldre:-) kom hjem fra fjellet nÃ¥ i ettermiddag for Ã¥ jobbe noen dager og drar opp til onsdag igjen. Fantastisk Ã¥ se alle flinke barn som sÃ¥ lekent og lett suser avgÃ¥rde , hadde det bare vært sÃ¥ lett , hehe. Ønsker deg ei flott pÃ¥ske videre

    44. I was reading some of the replies there, and I am glad that the sensitive topic did not descend into a name calling session as it often did on some websites.Definitely more should be done to minimize prejudice in Singapore, and among possible actions, open communication. Being in an interracial relationship has opened me up to the racial prejudices in Singapore. I get asked stupid questions like, does your bf have an indian smell? Honestly I got very offended. Internal prejudices sometimes make one imagine things.

    45. ozoneblueJune 22, 2012 at 11:16 amNot so, OB,“Don’t worry about the white people maggs. Especially the racist Whites.”If there are no more White people, who will I blame for apartheid and the ills of our country.How will I play my racist card at every opportunity?How will I enjoy watching people squirm when occasion arises to use the R-word?????So you’re wrong – WHITE people are essential for maintaining the highly viscous nature of unrolling the NDR, our Transformation Project, e-tolls, lack of school books in Limpopo, global warming and any other not-so-cool stuff.

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    49. Muy cierto… algunas veces es duro y cuesta superar estas cosas (los momentos vividos y experiencias compartidas) y nos queda la incertidumbre d q si lo que una vez pronunciaron sus labios fue cierto… pero como dicen, el tiempo lo cura todo, y lo mas important, exist un amor que nunca nos deja, Dios siempre esta ahi!!! Bendiciones y sigue adelant, el blog esta muy bueno felicidades!

    50. i giggled when i read the title! i am certainly going to be out in five years which seems like the average to those i know. i dont have an answer but i love president holland. he is an inspiration to us all. i hope to help the numbers by walking the stage. i know we are a strong school. i am a senior so unless i mess something up i’ll be looking for a photojournalism job hopefully close to my wife and i here in utah.

    51. Oohhh can I answer this?The difference between the two is the way they’re made. Greek Yogourt is strained yogourt meaning that you’ll have a richer, thicker texture than regular plain yogurt. It also usually has a tart taste to it. I think what makes it an ideal ‘diet’ food is that it has a very high protein content (usually 12+) and low fat content. It’s honestly my favourite type of yogourt. It also makes for an awesome dip!

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    53. Kev. today I’ll celebrate Your next commitment to this blog. And by Norwegian, I would say, that nothing comes easy, especially if rest of your life, your family gives you that inside calm and balance. Now is the worst month in my annual cycle – November. Here in Poland, the weather is pretty ugly, days are very short, but what gives me inner fire is that journey with You and bunch a guys on this special site.I hope, you’ll keep me in good mood as long as the fu…ng depression fall into oblivion.BTW: Thanks for the autographed picture and greetings from my son Franek.

    54. & @Galenx – I know how you feel, but once you know your body shape and what suits you, shopping becomes 10X easier. I love shopping for accessories and makeup as you know they will "fit", books is another addiction!+ @Galenx maybe you could try personalising your clothes?@Kajal Couture – I don't have either of those but texture is on my list.

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    56. they made, that will be fine, but N1 is a set of necessary being does not necessarily means that it will lead to C2. And that is actually one of the reason that why Christians think that God is personalized. It is the will of God led him to the creation of the world. Also, why C2 was necessary to exist? C2 is by nature a coincidental being. For my point of view, any thing can replace C2, and it may finally cause our current world, or not. Although I am not a Christian, I think it is not easy to prove that No One creates the world.(sorry to have u read english, i am in the library@-@)

    57. I think you chaps are all missing the point. Suppose that the full form birth certificate contains something that O would find embarrassing. The question isn't "What is that something?" The question is "Who knows what that something is?" In other words, who has got O by the goolies?

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    60. The cutest costume ever… Usually when you buy a costume the picture is nothing like what you receive, it usually made with cheaper, crappy material and doesnt hold up like it looks in the pic. but with this costume it is just as it appears. Colorful and adorable beyond words, soft, doesnt feel cheap and durable. I got so many compliments on my sons costume and everyone who had a little one wanted to know where to get it. Very impressed and worth the price.

    61. moe-while what you describe is possible, it seem to me more likely that they just found themselves unable to get oxy that worked to get high and went looking for something else.the chart has an interesting 1 quarter lag in it from when oxy started to drop and heroin started to pick up.that would be consistent with people seeking out a new source. if they were already using heroin, one would expect the change to be more rapid.

    62. I did a performance test interview last week and they had a written test related to Load Runner. Had to write out the answers with good ‘ol pen and paper. It’s hard to hit F1 with a dead tree system to get help. I found the written test to be an interesting way to gauge knowledge of Load Runner since there was no help system to help write the code. Either I knew it or I didn’t.

    63. What i have found though is that mostly effusive enthusiasm and sense of purpose is enough to make people question their own “normal” before they start to apply it to my dreams. Lately victoria has been having conversations witwh strangers (at parks, the store, etc.) about our dream. It seems that most of them are thinking of joining us before they part ways. My take, intentional, purposeful living has a magnetic force. FWIW, I am really enjoying following your journey. Keep the posts flowing.

    64. I too have been diagnosed with dry eye. Meanwhile , I have been suffering from a mysterious rash that fits the description I’ve been reading for DH which is one of the symptoms of Coeliac disease. Thank for connecting my seemingly unrelated ailments. I stopped gluten yesterday in hopes of ending this annoying rash. Though I’ve been prescribed Restasis. I look forward to some relief frm dry eyes with eliminating gluten.

    65. Madabr disse:Já vi vários Podcasts incluindo esse que reclamam do fato de a Ubisoft lançar um Assassin's Creed por ano. Como fã da franquia eu dou uma dica: Joguem o 1º, o 2º, leiam o que acontecem no Brotherhood e Revelations (sei lá, leiam o livro "irmandade", e algum texto sobreo outro na internet) e aguardem o 3º game. Não vale a pena jogar "extras" realmente deixa uma sensação de "game saturado".

    66. Bon, désolée pour la mise en page, mais on ne fera pas mieux ce soir. Demain soir, à 20h, Marguerite a prévu de s’adresser aux français depuis les coulisses de MOT COMPTE DOUBLE. Va-t-elle nous annoncer qu’elle se représente pour présider pendant cinq ans au sort de MCD ? Je vous préviens, si elle nous refait le coup de la fracture… numérique, je craque !

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    68. I believe you could find reassurance in hearing different autistic behaviors described by such women, and the familiar pain suffered by them because of it, without having to apply a diagnostic label. It’s possible to identify and describe autistic defenses/maneuvers/strategies which can appear in different (artificially discrete) disorders without needing to believe they go along with some particular named syndrome.

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    73. Loved this post. It reminds me of my favorite faculty member from Georgetown, Alexander Caillet. HIs theory is called The Thinking Path and involves creating new neuropathways for our thought habits, many of which can become saboteurs.Thanks for sharing your thoughts today.

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    90. Vedervärdig historia, det kan aldrig vara rätt att du skulle kunna tvingas betala det där sjuka skadeståndet. Det pågår ett genuskrig i det här landet, men media granskar inte. Tack att du orkar kämpa och skriver så bra, jag länkar på min Facebook.

    91. Sometimes I think that “unconditional love” is a myth. What, after all, is the practical, observable difference between:1. “unconditional love” (that is, perfect affirmation, no response required)-and-2. “perfect indifference” (for example, the “feelings” of the nearest fire hydrant)None. Nada. Zip.True love cares. It cares about the response it gets. It cares enough to be hurt. It cares enough to confront, to fight, to submit, to sacrifice. It cares enough to die. This modern “unconditional love” is a ghost — insubstantial as it is impotent.

    92. Hahahaha! Heeeeelt fantastisk, Petunia!!! BÃ¥de denne og den nedenunder!!!Ønsker deg og dine – inklussive herlige Kvikklunch, Løk og Appesin – en riktig goood pÃ¥ske!! Kose seg masse!!!….og sÃ¥ skjønner jeg at disse karene er gode pÃ¥ fjellvettregler, men jeg er likevel litt i tvil om de overlever pÃ¥ska… Haha, mums 😉

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    94. Pierre, your first three paragraphs almost moved me to tears – until a wave of nausea got in the way; you sanctimonious twit.“How else will one be able to mount a plausible and necessary defence of race-based affirmative action …..”But we had race-based affirmative action previously. It was called apartheid and you claim never to have supported it. Why then do you support it now?

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    97. Good read. I like the spiritual aspect because it will give the opportunity to have a good mindset for getting things done. The yoga thing – funny you should mention it – CWI offers a 1 credit course for yoga that I have been looking at for next year’s schedule…. I’ll let you know how it goes

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    102. Whoa, Nicole, what a coincidence! They were asking $15 at the rummage sale (ouch!), but since we came right at the end, and it was going to go to Goodwill if I didn’t buy it, they offered $3 – it’s in good shape – I was thinking of hanging it on a wall upstairs or something…Cara – we haven’t been to the 7th Day Adventist store in a while – it’s on NE 111th and NE Halsey – my favorite store – next time I go, I’ll facebook you first and see if you’re free, okay? (I have room in my minivan for you and Mae, btw, if you need me to pick you up.)

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    110. it was okay for me to stay, and started feeding him. That was the first time I’d seen her topless from the front. But she says she really hates seeing other women breast feeding their kids, even in private areas set aside for the purpose. I’m not bothered in the least by that, but I detest seeing people spitting in public. If I really have to do that I look around to see if anyone is nearby and looking my way, and then spit somewhere it’s unlikely that anyone will step.  Miles_Teg

    111. Think historically: The Church once had the power to enthrone kings; Martin Luther was a 16th century theologian and Catholic priest who disagreed with the Church doctrine and practices. He was excommunicated amd decreed an outlaw by the emperor. When the church had that much power and influence AND one lived in a Catholic region, excommunication was brutal.

    112. Hvor er det sjovt at det er lige den bog man kan vinde, jeg har nemlig for en uge siden reserveret bogen på biblioteket og er nummer 159!!!! Så det kunne være fantastisk at vinde den, så vil der da være en chance for at kunne læse den inden år 2014

    113. Die Idee, dass Braunsfeld, Deckstein, Kriel und Sülz wieder nach Hürth zurück kommen sollen, gefällt mir, ich glaube, ich sollte den Hürther Bürgermeister mal anschreiben ;-)Vielleicht bessern sich dann beim nächsten Schneefall dort die Verhältnisse, wenn diese Stadtteile wieder zum “ländlich” werden …

    114. Seeing these trade scenarios, as well as how Jim Buss handles his business, what are the chances that he would pull the trigger on a Kobe trade? Like he would take Bynum over Kobe if need be? He seems like the kind of douche to do so. As far as this article is concerned, Howard for Bynum is a win-win for both sides.

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    123. – Hey Mar! You are SO right about spending time with our kids. We bring our two kids to family shoots as much as we can. They help with some of our light equipment. Sometimes they even like to hold the reflectors for us….or blow the bubbles for the babies! It’s a great way of adding some family time to our very busy lives. I actually made it to a point to spend a lot of time with my kiddos this weekend. =) Congrats Allaysha, I know you will be a good addition to NEMA Photography! =)April 18, 2010 – 10:36 pm

    124. Feigt å skrive anonyme innlegg og kommentarer, kan man ikke sette navnet sitt bak og stå for det man mener så sier det vel mer om den anonyme enn om saken/personen som blir kritisert.Jeg er langt ifra enig med deg politisk, men du er ei tøff dame som fortjener masse skryt! Fortsett å ta tak i ting du tror du, SP trenger deg.

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    6. Hi RoseThanks for your feedback! Yes it’s true that the loss of smell is going to effect how useful this might be. However, many of the group had a really acute sense of smell, it was more that they found it harder to find the vocabulary that would help them describe or evoke it – something that more people experience, but with them to a greater extent. There was one lady who basically can’t smell at all, but I think the social act of joining in the conversation about such an unusual activity meant that she didn’t really mind! Definitely worth looking into further….Odette

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    8. I also sinned just to see the photographic evidence. I was pretty embarrassed for her as well, especially when she showed what she kept for her lunch – basically a whole chicken breast cutlet plus squash and salad. That could have gone to the moms for whom she was supposed to be cooking. Also – how does butternut squash take half an hour to prep? Yes it is an ass pain to peel, but it doesn’t take half an hour.

    9. I worked at a bank which was enamored with self-service BI, and wanted to implement it just for the heck of it, although all they were doing was financial reporting, and not analytics–wrong-minded indeed.

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    11. I watched four other instructional videos, I couldn’t figure out what they were doing after the part where it was a long dbl. sided diamond shape. The petal folding part, there were hands in the way and the people didn’t stop to show what the folds looked like at each step, so annoying! But I was able to make a crane with this video instruction. I did a second one too and feel confident I can show my 8yr how to make one now. Thank you!!!

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    77. Hey Steve…When else do you cite statistics? By definition, statistics are reported “from the past”. You know…like talking about MSU’s one trip to the SEC championship 11 years ago? The year that put MSU back on probation? Congratulations on MSU’s third NYD bowl in its history. It’s a fun time. OM fans should know…We’ve had three of those in the past 7 years. Ooops! I did it again…talking about “the past”. I guess MSU fans can’t talk about the 2010 Egg Bowl, because like the 60 Ole Miss wins over MSU, it’s in “the past”.

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    82. July 15, 2010 at 6:58 amSam,I think to some degree it’s a numbers game, but the more important point you brought up is the idea that they are just as scared and interested as you are. I think the one thing we do have control over here is our energy and by really understanding our own energy we can really connect with people much more easily. Reply

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    84. Daniel: Is there a way of finding out if Soros or other less than honorable Leftwing groups are donating to Yeshivat Chovevei Torah? My shul has been considering one of their "Orthodox" graduates. The rabbi signed a letter protesting the rabbis ban in Israel on selling to Arabs stating it was a violation of their civil rights. He's also fond of NIF and J Street. There is a mini war going on at shul and I'm leading the opposition..

    85. Margaret,Thanks for voicing what intimidates you – it’s quite normal. Self publishing is a bigger deal than people realize. I know many people who write and would like to have a blog, but there is a big fear about actually putting it out there. I’ll be talking about those issues over the coming weeks in the material I send to my subscribers. See you there!Suzanna

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    92. It's actually understandable. When we hear of a European country electing a more capitalistic leader, it makes us happy because we think they may be more like us. When we elect a more socialistic leader, it makes them happy because they think we are more like them.

    93. Hands down, Apple’s app store wins by a mile. It’s a huge selection of all sorts of apps vs a rather sad selection of a handful for Zune. Microsoft has plans, especially in the realm of games, but I’m not sure I’d want to bet on the future if this aspect is important to you. The iPod is a much better choice in that case.

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